Our Story

We are a family run business with over 40 years experience in the pet industry, serving the Kent, Sussex and Surrey areas, supplying to retail and trade customers.

We take pride in providing quality products to our customers at competitive prices with a fast and friendly service. We offer our customers advice and free local delivery. We’re proud to supply multiple animal charities and rescue centres with delicious and nutritious food and we love sponsoring village fairs to meet the local communities.

Our Products

We offer a wide variety of animal feed, treats, accessories and toys, including a complete stock of your animals’ favourite labels: Bakers, Burns, Eukanuba, Johnston & Jeff and many more.

We have a range of seed, feeders and bird baths for the local wildlife, as well as home comforts, such as beds and treats. There’s something for every wild animal, bird and furry friend.

Wholesome Food

We stock a wide range of high quality natural food to offer a variety of delicious options with locally-sourced ingredients and wholesome nutrition.

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